Create a World: Breaking Egg

To help our team with managing our project we used a website called Trello, which is a website that allows your to organise your tasks within a project, so all of our team signed up made a group and put down the categories for us to put our research, work and experiments in. This was really helpful, especially when it comes to blogging because you are able to see what everyone is doing and the jobs that needed to be completed.

We’ve divided this project up into five areas:

  • Mood
  • Style
  • Music
  • Type
  • Imagery

After discussing the world we decided to prioritised mood on top, style, then the last three weigh equally.

We were given some starting points to research typography such as Jan Tschichold  Kimberly Elam, Saul Bass and Kyle Cooper, as well as Massimo Vignelli and David Carson, which I already know to well having done a lot of research on them for the group presentation. For this project I mainly took inspiration from David Carson’s works as I love his style and the fact that he loves to just go crazy with the typography that he does, he loves to clutter pages, not follow the grid and does not mind mistakes within his work.


David Carson (Click for more details)


We found this awesome crystal gif animation by Matthew Divito which was a really good interpretation of what we were thinking the egg crystal world would be like if it were to spin, and also to be like at the beginning.

mr divs rotating crystal

Matthew Divito (Click for more details)


Me and Phoebe worked had the idea of doing Claymation, so we decided to experiment and create 2 of the characters that are within the world and I then took the characters and the spare plasticine and did a wee experiment using our title for the world, Breaking Egg. This was a lot of fun but we decided that maybe it wouldn’t be the best idea to do it for the title sequence. I guess we wanted a more creepy, eerie feel that we didn’t think we could achieve with Claymation. We also worked together at creating a back drop for the Claymation that we also thought we could turn into a map, a bit like the introduction scene from Game of Thrones but it was done in the wrong type of perspective to do a map.


I also looked into typography for the world and came up with a few designs. I really wanted it to relate to the world so I incorporated a crystallised effect and I also had the idea of the typography coming out of the animals;

I decided to experiment with creating the models of the characters in sculptris. I sculpted the crystal deer, jowly and a crystal tree which I found was really fun to do, I’m especially happy with how the deer turned out. Our team then thought that would be a really interesting and crazy way of creating a title sequence (whaaat first years using maya to create their title sequence, that’s a crazy idea) so the rest of the team jumped in to sculptris, Phoebe tackling the actual world landscape sculpture while jack did a couple crystals. We then import them into Maya and were able to add basic colours and manipulate the camera to zoom into our world. Jack also did some texturing on my deer sculpture which looked amazing.



deer texture

Our team also experimented with Caitlin’s photos of the eggs breaking and edited them on iMovie, jack is amazing at music so he took control of the musical elements while giving him input on how the music should sound. I suggested that it should be eerie and have a glassy sound to it to represent the crystals, I also wanted it to suggest that there is a mystery to the place due to the creatures that live in the dark forest and the team seemed to agree with my suggestions, jack allowed us to hear prototypes so that we were able to make suggestions. I looked into eerie music trying to find a good fit for the world, I found that Kevin Macleod had the perfect music for that, here is what I found;

Here is our groups experimental egg smash;

I then took the crystal deer character model and had my first ever try at rigging a model using the Mastering Autodesk Maya book, as well as some tutorials to help me (shown below) and got a basic spine down that allowed me to turn the head but unfortunately it looked fine until I added another frame and  it decided it wanted to turn the whole body rather than just the head.

So I ended up seeking help and gaining a helping hand from Molly Murray who helped me not make a total mess of it, yay help, the legs are now moveable but the head doesn’t move properly but oh well it was a fun learning experience, I’m just glad the legs move. It turned out kinda derpy looking but good for my first try if I must say so myself *pat on the back* its can only go up from here, right?

Our team decided they would use the model with the rig in the final video, only moving it a bit adding a nice touch to it at the end. We only play blasted the animation so its kinda bad quality, we using a mix of jacks and Caitlin’s music, I directed each of the scenes looking at placement of words and how things should plan out and phoebe used her awesome camera and animation skills in Maya.

I also worked on the storyboard for the opening sequence, taking into consideration the different elements in the world and the feel that we wanted to portray as well as a title/poster design for the world:

Final sequence




Create a World: Eggyness

We presented the 2 weeks of work on the Dragon Tree World we were really happy with the results, Conánn liked that we had a lot of experimentation done and our class mates liked it too. After that it was time for the switch over and say our farewells to the Dragon Tree World and welcome the new world, the Crystalized Egg World, initially I was quite sceptical about the world but I believe our new team will do well to produce something great. We have been given the task of looking into Motion Graphics and creating a title sequence for the Crystalized Egg World.


Initial research;

Personal favourite; Dexter Intro, shows the main protagonists morning routine but in an almost brutal way, foreshadowing the story of him being a killer, as well as the music also setting a mischievous mood to it.

This video gives very good examples of different opening credits that really made me see what an opening credit could entail and how we could do one and try and make it unique.

The Last of US; skip to 14:57 as the opening credits, reminds me of how the crystals grow on the egg, some more inspirational stuff

Toy Story – Tells the story of the relationship between the boy and his toy, setting the story. The iconic music “you’ve got a friend in me” is perfect for the their title sequence as it plays a part in foreshadowing the movie, as well as the playful start of the movie allowing the audience to become immediately interested.

Sherk – Starts with the classic fairy tale start, with a book opening and telling a classic story but humorously changes it around to set the actual theme.

Pink Panther – Has an amazingly iconic music sequence showing the main characters and their characteristics setting a sneaky yet playful mood for the animation.

101 Dalmatians – You unquestionably saw how playful the animators were with the animation right from the start and how the music just accentuates that. In the opening credits that is apparent as they made puns with the spots, which was the main feature of the animation, they made it so that the spots cleverly moved with the music, whether if it is the spots becoming the smoke coming out from a vehicle or the spots being the actual musical notes and the music would flow in tune with this, it is an immaculate opening to a picture that just hooks the viewer right from the start, you just knew you were in for a treat.

Back to the Future – Makes great use of foreshadowing, immediately showing a multitude of ticking clocks in the title sequence of back to the future, then moves on to set the scene showing the main character and reeling the audience in with humour.

Wacky Races – Sets the scene by having racing car related visuals, iconic soundtrack and it pans through showing all the different characters with a voice over similarly to how a commentator would narrate a race in its time.

From looking at these I have learned that not only are the visuals and music important but foreshadowing is very strong within title sequences, not only does it set the mood but it hints at what the movie is going to be about and immediately shows if you are going to enjoy it or not.