Create a World: Dysons Sphere Compositions

When looking into tonal I found that I did struggle, its something that I definitely need to work on more. The light is very important within tonal drawings, it is crucial to know how light works, so when applying this to the Dysons Sphere world the main light source within the world was the sun in the middle. I then decided to look up how light acts underwater? which lead me to this very helpful video about how light can bend underwater and allowed me to see the how it looked within the water;

2015-10-19 17.36.19 2015-10-14 15.00.572015-10-19 17.36.132015-10-19 17.36.08


Dysons Sphere Tonal

I tried to apply what I had learned to the sketches and digital drawings that I had done, when working on the stand off panel of my Photoshop tonal work (the last panel) it reminded me of Heavenly Sword animated by Ben Hibon, which I love the style of. Its detailed but also monochromatic, which really suits the story that is being told. Overall I feel that I need to practice a lot more on tonal, I definitely want to improve and work harder.


Create a World: Working on it


2015-10-13 16.20.16 2015-10-13 16.20.22

Our team met up the next day and we started discussing the Dyson’s sphere, which is water that is around the sun and is habited by a civilisation of sea creatures, but we were thinking about how this world would look which the previous team didn’t really know as they merged the raindrop and Dyson’s Sphere together so we needed a clearer idea so that we are able to draw it and show tonality through this. We thought about how the plant life would grow and where the materials come from to even create the robots that the clans make, so we came up with the idea of how meteorites could hit the water and the water would take the impact and slow it down and they would be able to use that for their materials, as well as it would be giving them the plant life as it would grow on the meteor, plus the creatures would be also able to live in the meteors or asteroids after hollowing it out from the extraction of the materials.

Here is my initial sketch

2015-10-19 17.36.19 2015-10-14 15.00.57

To help us get an idea of tones we research underwater concept art would gave us this really helpful image so we could see what the tones would be like underwater, we noticed that the farther away the more misted it got and the close up parts showed the plant life, framing the city which I really liked.


Underwater concept art (click for more details)

We looked up about how lava would look underwater so that we could get an idea of what the core could look like so that we could apply it to our own designs. This is the video that we found;

I researched up about meteors and asteroids and found that they are made of rock, metals and other elements. Some even contain water, astronomers say. Asteroids that are mostly stone sometimes are more like loose piles of rubble and asteroids that are mostly iron are more solid. Finding this out was really useful as we were able to clarify that the creature within the world would be able to get their minerals and materials from them.

I found a website that was really useful as it explained tone, light and shadow. explaining that “tone is also used to create the illusion of depth in compositions, close objects are often darker and more saturated and a white tone next to black with create a stark contrast, drawing attention.” This website was really helpful for me as I was able to see how they used tone, which I would be able to apply to my own sketches and digital drawings.

Click on the image below for more details.