Create a World: Animatic


Our team, Phoebe, Caitlin and Michelle all looked into what was an animatic so that we could get ours just right, we learned that an animatic is “a preliminary version of a movie, produced by shooting successive sections of a storyboard and adding a soundtrack.” – Oxford Dictionaries.

These were some animatics that I found from Monsters Inc and Tangled that gave us a good idea of what we had to do, it was very inspirational to see how the professionals did their story board, as well as to se how close the story boards were to the actual outcome to the actual animated film.

We made an animatic of our story, Mossi’s Great Fall, which consisted of 57 scenes which I added detail and shading to each, Michelle did the line art and Phoebe did the backgrounds. Here are the main scenes that gives the basic outline of the story.

My coloured storyboard scenes before backgrounds were added by Phoebe;

1blinkbird 2idea

3chase 4onback 5flyslungs

Here is our final animatic:

Here is our short colour animatic:



Create A World: Final Story Board

After seeing everyone’s ideas we decided to merge them together as best we could because we loved everyone’s ideas so much, Michelle even had writing a full story for her, she is definitely a creative writer! We first made a sketch up of the idea that we decided to go for and implemented it using the shadow theatre ideas, which was extremely fun!!

2015-11-10 02.49.57 2015-11-10 02.50.19

Shadow theatre in action;

12231302_173650772982005_362710494_n 12231183_173650782982004_1680092324_n 12226686_173650736315342_599332285_n 12226571_173650752982007_1914598281_n 12212079_173650766315339_2126065522_n 12200990_173650776315338_1311105926_n

Our end props;

2015-11-09 16.52.35 2015-11-10 02.50.26

After filming each scene with the shadow puppets Caitlin worked her magic in IMovie and put together the clips, I then looked for suitable background music and found music called “The march of the zombies” which the team agreed to as well. This is our final visual story board using a shadow theatre style. I’m really proud at what we have achieved.

Create a World: Storyboarding

2015-11-06 14.22.07 2015-11-06 14.22.29

Our initial idea for out storyboard that we discussed together in our team was that it could be a journey taking you, the viewer, through the Dragon Tree World. Me and Caitlin having done media studies knows a good bit about camera techniques and we were able to set down the basic elements that we would need to consider when creating a storyboard, such as the camera able, such as static cameras, POV (point of view), hand held and impossible shots (as if you’re looking through a wall). Here is a great website that I found with different types of cinematic techniques that also give you a video example of each;

We all really like the idea that the camera would be handheld or POV so that it would be able to show the movement of the characters putting the viewer into the protagonists position, reeling them in. A great example of this is the Blair Witch Project;

I also looked into the style of the storyboard, thinking that a grungy type of look to it would suit it, almost like Tim Burtons style. I really liked the look of The Box Trolls and the style that they used within it and thought that this would be a good style to go for the storyboards.

Phoebe also mentioned doing something like shadow puppets so I started doing some research and remembered the Three Brother Tale from Harry Potter which really related to that idea and what we wanted to go for.


I made up my own short storyboard bringing in the possibility that a human being could actually stumble across the dragon tree and what may happen. The boy is travelling through the forest and stumbles upon on a weirdly winding tree along the ground so he decides to investigate and it follows along the path with leads to a dense forest but the flooring is all large bark with blue in the cracks, which he find intriging, he has to figure out what this place could be, but realises he’s not alone, seeing weird shadows in the trees. He soon sees what those shadows are coming face to face with the wolf creatures and runs but comes to a halt when he sees that the tree slopes up so he climbs and finds a hole where he climbs in (there’s a whole in the neck of the dragon that the other team had on their design) it’s hollow and wood spirals down it but he loses his footing and falls

Create A World: Bringing the colours together


Our team first started looking into warm and cold colours and looking at the appropriate colours that would match the Dragon Tree world. We looked into basic tree colours like blues, greens, browns and oranges but we also wanted to give the work pops of colour, possibly through the creatures that inhabited the world.

2015-10-23 19.33.49 2015-10-23 19.13.22 2015-10-23 19.06.25

I started experimenting with different scenes and seeing what colours would match them, applying the warm and cool colours as well to see what would match the scene best. When looking into this our team discussed that it would be cooler near the face and the back of the dragon tree while the chest would be red due to the glow of the heart and the fire within the stomach or the Dragon Tree world so we considered this when choosing if the rooms would have a more cooler tone of light or a warmer tone to it depending on what they were close to.

2015-10-25 16.01.17 2015-10-25 16.01.22

Our team also looked into what the actual colours of the dragon should be, so I did a study into looking into the texture of the bark and took a photo of a tree to help me with the texture and painted it using water colours. I thought it would be a great way to experiment with colour by painting it in warm and cool colours and comparing then side which I loved doing, I felt like it gave it a nice presentation.

2015-10-25 12.46.22 3a

Phoebe also had different colour variations which gave us a broader choice and push into a more vibrant colour choice for the dragon tree. So as a team we came together and decided that we liked the cooler look to the dragon, so I suggested that we could made the cracked between the bark a vibrant blue while a keeping a simple look by choosing the have the bark just a cool toned brown, which everyone agreed with and then we started to discuss how the blue would then change moving into the warmer colours of the chest as well as the glow of the eye effecting how the colour would look as it would bounce on to the surrounding area. To give everyone a better idea of the detail of the bark I moved onto using Photoshop and did a quick sketch of how the bark would look like, also giving it colour variants to see if the blue undertones was truly what we wanted to go for.


I finished up a watercolour painting for the final look of the dragon and then moved on to the characters within the world. These characters were in the more cooler coloured areas so I made them more cooler colours and took into consideration their areas and if they need to be camouflaged into the background. The firefly creature that lives in the eye is a great example as I took into consideration the colour of the glow of the eye as the glow is made by the fireflies and because we all decided on green for the dragons eye I coloured the body green.

2015-10-25 16.01.34 2015-10-26 09.49.37

I looked at the scenes within Photoshop and worked with tonal colours first and looked a what it would look like with cold and warm colours and then used this to come up with the final design the that scene and how the light would effect the things.

1dragon colour panels 3lungscene

5heart 4heart

I also experimented a lot with colour with the creatures which was a lot of fun, I mainly like how the teeth (monkey looking) creatures turned out personally. I definitely see room for improvement within my digital drawings, which I feel doing these projects will definitely help.

9stomach 2 8teeth 2 7creaturedragonfire 6characters D