Life Drawing: Long one

Today was the last life drawing session before Christmas break, so we just went straight into doing one long pose drawing.

2015-12-14 17.40.13


Life Drawing: Cross Hatching

Today was a real treat, we got to focus on cross hatching for this session. First we did our usual conté warmups and them we got into the cross hatching, I’ve always loved cross hatching even though mines always messy I still enjoy it.

2015-12-14 17.36.01

Life Drawing: Crosshatching Research

Albrecht Durer;

Albrecht Durer was a German Artist that was born in the year 1471, in the Franconian city of Nuremberg. Albrecht Durer was a brilliant painter, draftsman, and writer, although his first and probably greatest artistic impact was in the medium of printmaking as he found this to be his best skilled technique when it came to his art, also incorporating crosshatching within his art pieces to capture light and form, but also focusing on detail.

Albrecht Durer was also apprenticed by the local painter Michael Wolgemut who was his inspiration and got him into doing the amazing art works that we see today. Michael Wolgemut allowed Albrecht to experiment using his workshop to produce woodcut illustrations for major books and publications. Albrecht Durer made print making what it is today as he is world renowned for it, this is because he loved to experimented with this medium and practiced to make his print making stand out better and give a better range of tone and detail within his art pieces by experimenting with different techniques. By the age of thirty, Albrecht Durer had completed or begun three of his most famous series of woodcuts on a religious theme, including The Apocalypse, the large woodcut Passion cycle, and the Life of the Virgin.


Neal Adams;

Legendary comic book artist Neal Adams, some would say greatest artist of all time, are some of the most highly collectible and sought after comics. He has done work in the past that helped to revitalize characters such as; Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Deadman and the X-Men. He dealt with topics and issues that were very controversial but made characters Green Lantern and Green Arrow more relevant. Neal Adams is all about showing detail through carefully thought out cross hatching he puts into the scenes and the characters.

Mort Drucker;

Mort Drucker is known internationally for his caricatures, satirical movies, TV features, advertising, illustrations and covers for such publications as MAD Magazine, Newsweek and Time, among a host of others. Called one of the world’s great caricaturists by fellow artists and fans alike, Mort Drucker’s long and distinguished career has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. I love Druckers caricature-like drawing style, it is a nice change from the other artists who go down a more realism styled route.

Charles Dana Gibson;

Charles Dana Gibson was an American graphic artist, best known for his creation of the Gibson Girl, an iconic representation of the beautiful and independent American woman at the turn of the 20th century. When looking at his pieces I feel he captures lighting in hair very well, You can really see that he uses the technique where there is more light, shading lines are more further apart and where there is more shade the lines are closer together. This is a style that I would like to apply when doing life drawing.


Life Drawing: Seconds

Life drawing! For todays life drawing we had to draw the model, except this time we only had 30 seconds before the model changed pose again. I was actually really nervous because I sometimes find it difficult to even do the 1 minute ones but this wasn’t actually that bad, I felt that I was not using sketchy strokes like I used to and I was getting more into the swing of using the curvy strokes that Michael Bass wants us to do.

Over all I quite liked how everything turned out, I can see why Michael wanted us to draw them with only 30 seconds each pose. The only thing is, I really do not like how the last one turned out, the tonal drawing, mainly because the proportions are wrong but it was too late to start over. Maybe I’ll get it next time!

2015-11-05 20.41.38 2015-11-05 20.41.29 2015-11-05 20.41.23 2015-11-05 20.41.14 2015-11-05 20.41.05 2015-11-05 20.40.55 2015-11-05 20.40.50 2015-11-05 20.40.39 2015-11-05 20.40.29 2015-11-05 20.40.24 2015-11-05 20.40.16 2015-11-05 20.40.02 2015-11-05 20.39.57 2015-11-05 20.38.47 2015-11-05 20.42.15

Life Drawing: Perspective

In this life drawing class we focused on perspective. One helpful trick that Michael Bass showed us is to put our hand straight out in front of us and move it up or down so that we no longer see the top of the hand, that is then where the horizon line is, this is a useful technique.

2015-11-05 01.20.38 2015-11-05 01.20.06

2015-11-05 01.19.07 2015-11-05 01.18.55

2015-11-05 01.21.43

Life drawing: Chairs and Perspective

We focused on perspective in life drawing. Michael Bass, our tutor, brought us to a take with a ton of junk piled high which incorporated chairs at different angles. He told us to draw the chairs and take into consideration their perspective and draw boxes with them. This was really helpful and a great task to do before going in to draw the live models and I found that it took a little practice at first but I feel I made a good attempt with the final one.

2015-10-16 00.05.51 2015-10-16 00.05.40

2015-10-16 00.04.57 2015-10-16 00.04.48