Mudbox Head

The beginning starting out with the default head

1 beginning

Shaping the head and making it look more feminine

2 shaping

Moving on to defining the nose and mouth and adding more subdivisions

3 nose mouth

adding the eyes, using spheres to see the placement of eyeballs and how this effects how the eyelids will sit, freezing them so I dont effect them when sculpting. Eyelids folded weirdly

4 form eyelids crease problem

Retopolised to fix the weird eye folding

5 mirroring and divisions

added more details, tweaking and made the neck thicker to suit the head size

6 finalising face

moving on to the ear, giving it a basic ear shape

7 ear

looked at my own eye to get the right shape

8 ear details

lots of subdivisions

9 finalising head

moving on to starting the hair and making a basic shape for it. made a new layer to create hair and freezing the face to raise the hair up, without effecting the face

10 freezing layer adding hair

Started making indications of how the hair will flow round the fringe area

11 sculpting hair .png

Finalised face without hair;







Final head sculpt;



Sunny Doodles

I love sunny warm days where I can surround myself in nature and just spend time drawing, relaxing and studying.


Got to keep practicing

I had a drawing itch that needed scratched.

I always avoid colour because I always feel that I never get it right and I end up ruining the the original line art. Well now its time to start working at that more and make my drawings better, I need to learn to make colour my friend.


Falling For You

The Final Animation, please watch in HD;

I am extremely happy with our final outcome, it was a great experience working on it and it was even better that I had a fantastic team that worked well together and supported each other. This project was the best by far that I had the pleasure to work on and it was very fulfilling project. I wish to be able to continue to create even more great work in the future and work with this amazing team again.

This was a great end to a first semester, thank you!

team picture

Imaging and Data Visualisation Reflection

In my second semester of Animation we started our new modules one of which was Imaging and Data Visualisation. Imaging and Data Visualisation involved two tasks, this was to build a “Floating City” in Autodesk Maya and then present the data in a visual way which is done in teams and then the second task was to model our own head using Autodesk Maya. Both projects allowed me to learn a lot about modelling and Autodesk Maya, and I do really enjoy modelling in Maya so I was excited for each of these projects. I loved learning about Rome in the Floating City project and being able to take Rome and imagine what it would be like to have it as a floating city. I would have loved to be able to do more for the project though because I heard about it before joining the course and I loved seeing the now second year work for it.

The head model project was also something I was excited for, from the get go I was researching tutorials and looking at what way was best for me to do it. It was really interesting learning more about topology, even though I’m not sure if I got my topology right in my head model, it was still fun to do and the human face in general, I would love to create a character and rig the face, to actually bring your own character to life is something that I always find enjoyable and rewarding. I felt I learnt a lot with this module and I want to keep improving and becoming better modelling, as well as to of course keep learning from my mistakes with the help from very informative tutors. I hope to be able to find what area I excel in and what I really want to do in animation.

Overall Imaging and Data Visualisation was a very interesting module that I felt I have learnt a lot from, it was very challenging in parts. I also learned that time management is key and that you should never be controlled by the machine, let loose.

Once again thank you for such a great first year of animation.