Animated Short: Ice Skating and Animating

Since I was in charge of animating the scenes, except for the final credit scene which Kristina and Robert did, I had to make sure that I was getting the right movements. I found this beautiful figure skating video in the mountains of British Columbia, which really reminded me of our scene and how it is based in the french alps. It also showed us the textures within the ice in the mountains and how it does have a good bit of reflections on the ice.

I also found this amazing video of ice skaters with fire sticks on their ice skates which created beautiful visuals and lighting for the video. Obviously their tricks are too crazy for our little birds but it was good to see the how their bodies moved in slow motion when they jumped or shifted their weight.

Another great ice skating video that I found was of a Canadian national figure skater in the mountains, this ice was more clouded with not that much reflection in it. It was interesting to see as well as seeing her movements for the animation.

Kristina also found this video on a step by step guide on how to do different tricks and jumps on the ice which was also very useful to see;

We also looked at animals slipping on ice which was recommended to us by our tutors which was really beneficial for the animation:

After I did this research I went on to animating the characters which I really enjoyed, surprisingly I can animate really face while also making it look organic with good timing and movement.




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