New Narratives: Narrative

Narrative, Narration and Narrator

How do you understand narrative?

The narrative tells a story with a beginning a middle and an end, it also takes many forms including linear narrative form and non-linear. Our engagement of story depends on our understanding of pattern of change, stability, cause and effect, time and space.

If there is a random string of events it is hard to understand narrative, you can try to make sense of it in your head by you will never truly know if that is the true narrative. Its important that the narrative makes sense and actually tells a story that makes sense for the audience.

It can be hard to just tell a story through just the actions, you need the narrative to go with the actions so that it explains the story, otherwise it would be very confusing.

This is a great article where Michael Arndt talks about the things that he learned at pixar to writing a good beginning which was really interesting;

Read your love story again and figure out how you can tell this in different ways


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