Animated short: Back from Easter

Before we got off for Easter we assigned who was going to be modelling what as we wanted to have all our models done from when we got back from easter so that we could officially set the scene and start our 3D Animatic. I was assigned the Mountains, clouds, fireflies effects, snow effects and the painted backgrounds, as well as some textures and typography. Since we will be doing this over Easter the importance of using Asana was high as we knew if we did not follow it we would end up being off schedule and have created unnecessary stress.

I wanted to get the hardest out of the way first by looking into nParticles for the snow and Fireflies. The snow was the easy part, I just created a plane added the particles, messed with the speeds, wind directions and just testing out all the settings in general so I could become comfortable with using particles in general. (edit: we ended up not using the snow because we felt that it took away the focus from the characters too much but it was a fun learning curve)


After I had created the snow effect I then moved onto the fireflies and found that there was no tutorials on creating this sort of effect. The best tutorial that i could find was this one on controlling a particle swarm;

This wasn’t easy at all, the more I played with it the less it looked like fireflies, so I called in reinforcements and asked Alec if he could help me out and showed me different things that I could play around with, then I brought Kristina in to help me out which she is a wizard at figuring stuff out and was able to create the fireflies in a jar which was awesome!


I then worked at modeling the clouds and had created 3 styles. The first one being a low poly cloud that was pretty interesting, i also create two variations of bubble clouds. I messed with the transparency and texture of them to see what I could create.

I also created low poly mountains which was a lot of fun playing with how the vertices so go to create particular shadows that you would find in low poly art. I looked at videos to help me get a basic idea of how to create low poly scenery. I found this one by Jordan Lang pretty useful as I saw how he took a place and moved the verts to create mountains, as well as how he created trees and clouds.

Here is the models I made with the background that I also painted;


I also did some character textures;

I also created typography for the Animation, capturing the cute romantic feel of the animation and taking inspiration from the animations that i had researched before hand.


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