Presentation Day!

Today was the day that our team, Michelle, Megan and Dervla, had to give the presentation on Massimo Vignelli and David Carson, my nerves were going wild not to mention the panic attacks. The day before our team came together and practiced the presentation making sure that it was not too long but also not too short and to make sure that we were all prepared and knew what we were saying, it also allowed us to review over the presentation again to make sure that it all made sense and that there were no errors within the presentation. This really helped as being prepared means less stress, I made sure to keep practicing what I was going to say at home and try to memorise it so that I wouldn’t be reading from my notes and end up speaking like a robot or screwing up my words and not being able to dave myself from it.

Gilovich and his fellow investigator Kenneth Savitsky shared :

‘ I think it may help you to know that research has found that audiences can’t pick up on your anxiety as well as you might expect. Psychologists have documented what is called an “illusion of transparency”. Those speaking feel their nervousness is transparent,but in reality their feelings are not so apparent to observers. Know that if you become nervous,you will probably be the only one to know.”

Reference: How to stand out, by Dr Rob Yeung.

Today our team came in and practiced the presentation before hand and then it was time to present I front of the class. It went well! I am really proud of us and I’m so happy that all went smoothly, I stumbled a tinsy bit by repeating a line but was able to carry it off without a pause.

Michael Bass gave us some feedback and said our presentation was presented well and very informative, the only bad point was that we had notes to read from, maybe next time we’ll be able to do it without notes, who knows.

Click for the final presentation!


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