Create a World: Coming together

Our group came together with our ideas and found that one of our team members had an idea that was really intriguing, what if there was a world within our sound waves, a world within the sound waves that moves with the sound, but inside the world they would not feel the movement with how the world is structured.

We thought along the lines of the sound waves actually creating a the actual world, this then made me think of the which turns any sound into art. For one of them their pieces they have recorded Houston downtown, at the intersection of Main St. and Dallas, this piece features the sounds of Houston’s daily bustle, including the Metrorail and it looks something like this;

Houston Sound Wave Art (click for more details)

When I heard the idea of a world within sound waves I remembered a game called Perception. Perception is a horror game about a girl called Cassie who is blind but is able to see things through sound, she hits her cane and the sound that it creates is able to let her see the room clearly. I really loved seeing how the sound waves were portrayed within this game and felt that it was a big help is seeing how the sound would move.

Click the images for more details

I also researched the different sound waves which are longitudinal or transverse waves and found some useful animations of them. This also made me think what if the world was actually living and moved like the way the sound waves moved. Even if the world was made out of these different sound patterns, I think that would look really interesting.

Transverse wave animation

Longitudinal wave animation

3D image of sound waves

Since the world will be microscopic I also researched what microscopic things look like and found this very interesting as it would be able to help us with shaping the world and as well as the architecture of the world.


More of this here.

I also found this animation by Or Bar-El where the main focus is the music, the animation goes with the beat. I love the movement that they use as well as when the drums kick in and we get to see inside where the squares on the inside pulse and move fast with the beats.

After our team spent time discussing and researching we decided to go with the idea of a microscopic living planet that travels through the sound waves by either surfing or being able to grip on to the sound waves, which it then has to keep moving so that the sound doesn’t become quiet and dies out. For the shape of the planet we thought that it would be a simplistic sphere shape that has movable arms that can grip, swim and bounce of the sound waves or wings so that it is able to swim, glide or surf within the sound waves as we know that sound waves can travel through certain objects and water.



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