The beginning

It has begun! I am so over the moon that I got into animation but my anxiety has been going crazy, not going to lie its a struggle but I am pushing myself and have been really enjoying animation so far, especially meeting the rest of the class who are all so very nice. We got to go to workshops which was really interesting to see the other courses, we got to have a picnic with the rest of the first year which was a great way to get to know everyone and not to mention the zoo trip that we got to go on and do some live drawings of the animals which was such a great way to start of going to university.

2015-10-10 19.07.27 2015-10-10 19.07.49 2015-10-10 19.08.06 2015-10-10 19.08.40 (1)

In the first week of classes we joined all the years and were put into groups so that we had 2 from each year and we would work together on a project. I felt this was a great way for me to see how work was done in this course and a great way to get advice from the older years.

For this project we had free reign to choose anything so we first bounced ideas off each other on what problems we have in the world today, this ranged from world hunger, everyday situations or the extinction of animals.


We homed in toward everyday problems and came to the thought of autistic children that struggle in day to day activities such as interaction and started coming up with some concept designs. We started to think along the lines of a little robot companion toy that would be able to be used as a medicine storage place as well as it being able to answer questions like how Apple has on the iPhone ‘Siri’.

2015-10-01 19.03.24 2015-10-01 19.03.39 2015-10-01 19.03.50

I started researching about different toys that would be similar to what we were looking for so I started with searching about what toys would be suitable for children with autism and I found this website that was extremely helpful:

This was our final product:


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